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Homemade Pet Shampoo Recipes

The number one rule for bathing your pet is to use appropriate products – shampoo, conditioner and so on created especially for pets. You don’t want to irritate your furry friend’s skin and eyes with shampoos and soaps made for people to use, right? Also, bathing products made for humans don’t always work well on…

catnip effects on cats

Cats Want Catnip & They Want It Right Meow

It’s no secret that our fuzzy little feline friends go crazy over catnip, but have you ever wondered why? Some may even ask themselves, “What in the world is catnip anyway?” It Keeps Your Cat’s Breath Minty-Fresh! Okay, maybe not.  But it does come from the mint family, according to the Humane Society. Catnip goes…

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Pet Stroller… Don’t Judge Me!

Pet stroller. Yes, this is actually a thing. And before you put your disapproving head in your hands thinking that you’re not nearly crazy enough to buy one – I’m going to tell you why you should. Let’s Start with … Don’t Judge Me! Ok, so anyone who knows me probably knows I’ve made many…


Kennel Cough Remedy: Everything You Need to Know

You know that weird hacking cough your dog periodically comes home with after being boarded?  Well, it has a name.  Kennel cough.  Alright, that’s not its actual scientific name.  I don’t have the requisite number of degrees to pronounce or even spell it.  So we’ll stick with Kennel cough for the purposes of this article….

how to train your puppy

How to Train Your Puppy: Tips You Can’t Ignore

Bringing a puppy home is definitely a moment of joy – a joy that carries a lot of responsibility. A well-trained puppy is the promise of a happy and trustable dog. If you are looking for straightforward advice on how to train your puppy, in this article you will find it all. Be Patient and…

homemade remedies for fleas

Efficient Homemade Remedies for Fleas

Is your dog or cat itching all the time or have little red marks on their skin? I hate to give you the bad news, but there is a good chance fleas took over your friend – and probably your house by extension. There is a misconception that removing the fleas from the animal solves…

human food for cats

Human Food for Cats: Dos and Don’ts

This is the part where we all look away and feign ignorance while pretending we didn’t just hand our pet that piece of steak… Consider the Consequences Feeding your cat human food really isn’t a problem.  However, you’ll want to consider when you do and don’t give your cat human food.  In the middle of…